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Privacy Policy
At One Electrical we are completely committed to ensuring your personal information is secure and remains confidential. The personal information that you entrust in One Electrical through is used to provide you with best service and promotional opportunities we have to offer. At NO point will One Electrical supply any third party with your information Please keep this in mind when filling out online forms etc. may contains links to other websites where their privacy policies differ. One Electrical is not Responsible for any information you may supply these linked third party sites as we have no control over their domain(s).

We also reserve the right to reveal individual identity information to third parties where a complaint or criminal charge arises concerning and where we feel as though the terms and conditions and/or privacy policy have been breeched.

If One Electrical should for any reason decide to change its privacy policy, those changes will be published on this page. Be aware that One Electrical reserves the right to change the policies at any point in time, for the benefit and rights of and One Electrical Pty Ltd as a business entity.

Last Updated: 08.02.2012